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McLaren P1 GTR Street Legal US Specifications

64 McLaren F1's road cars were made- MSRP was close to a million dollars- Now they are 12-14 million dollars

375 McLaren P1's were made. They are all sold out. MSRP was 1.115

They are now selling for between $1,700,000 and $2,200,000 and are projected to be 3 million dollars in a year.

45 Mclaren P1's GTR track cars are being made, only 10 will be road cars

all are sold out

MSRP was $3,102,000 for the track version only. Road car option is an additional $400,000.00.

only 3 will have U.S. vin numbers. Price will be $3.6 million usd plus freight and duty

You know the performance figures: 1000 HP - 9.8 quarter mile time@152MPH.

This may be the first road-legal McLaren P1 GTR

A British compact called Lazante has announced, not that long ago, that it will be offering road conversions for the McLaren P1 GTR, in the near future, and with the program being approved by McLaren, the first image with what seems to be the first road-legal unit of the P1 GTR has surfaced online. The image has been posted on Instagram but it was deleted shortly and it is showing us a bright blue finished P1 GTR, lacking the racing livery. Whether this is really a road-legal P1 GTR is hard to say at the moment, but if it is, than McLaren will most likely promote it in the weeks to come.

The McLaren P1 GTR has been officially unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This is a track-only toy which is currently taking aim at the Ferrari FXX K and, just like its name is suggesting, it has been based on the road-legal P1. The hypercar is bringing carbon fiber panels in the engine bay and roof, titanium and Inconel exhaust system, polycarbonate side windows and it is 50 mm lower and 80 mm wider than the regular P1. The downforce has been improved by 10 percent. The hypercar has 19-inc motorsport center locking alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli slick tires and 800 HP (588 kW) coming from the 3.8l twin turbo V8, with 200 HP (147 kW) added from the electric motor. The total output stands at 1,000 HP (736 kW). 

Production number : 45 units

Total production of the P1 GTR is 45 units of which all cars will be completed by October 2015. All cars are sold out.

There are an enormous number of differences between the the McLAREN P1 road car and the McLAREN P1 GTR which effectively means that there are no interchangeable parts.


There are no interchangeable parts between a standard road P1 and a GTR – all panels are different. The GTR is slightly wider – 80mm and has a redefined aero package generating 10% more downforce ( 660kgs ). Lower frontal aspect with lower ride height, turning vanes on the front corners, deeper splitter, taller dorsal fin on skirts and of course a fixed height rear wing.

Huge front splitter and turning vanes along with lower nose section and recessed frontal aspect.

All glass is changed for Perspex in the GTR except where a GTR is having the road conversion where a heated filament glass screen will be used. Again this is not an interchangeable item with the standard P1 road car. Power option side windows are available, but the standard fitment is the slide windows.

Driver’s view of the carbon cockpit - switches moved from the centre console on to the steering wheel.

Both doors are completely different with all locks, handles, side screens, mirrors and mounts all unique to the GTR. All the rear exit venturis and rear wing are unique to the GTR. There are no airbags in the P1 GTR.

Overall weight is reduced on a P1 GTR by 100kgs, and power is now increased to 1000ps. The combination of the weight reduction and power increase gives a considerable performance uplift. The standard McLaren P1 produces 606bhp per tonne whereas a McLaren P1 GTR produces 714bhp per tonne.

Road version P1 GTRs will be fitted as standard with P1 seats and 3 point seat belts, although there will be the option of further fitting of a six point harness if required.


Seven speed dual clutch rear wheel drive.The revised ECU on the gearbox makes changes faster on a GTR - similar to a P1 but in RACE mode constant.


The dimensions of the monocoque are the same on both the P1 and the P1 GTR, however the central spine is narrower allowing the instrumentation to be moved to the steering wheel as per the Formula One cars.

All the suspension is uprated to a stiffer compliance on the GTR with unique uprights and larger diameter brakes and race callipers. The GTR is fitted with on board air jacks for fast lift in a ‘pit stop’ situation. There is also the ride control lift system enabling the driver to lift the car over road humps. Front and rear double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti roll bars.

In summary, the McLaren P1 GTR is a totally re engineered version of the original P1 which has been lightened with weight saving wherever possible, plus a re engineered high performance motor. 


Road version

The car comes standard with air conditioning, heated front screen and sliding side windows along with a Formula One type steering wheel. The road version adds 4-6 weeks on to the production time.

Any additional requirements may take longer. 

There is no visual difference between a road version P1 GTR and a ‘track only’ car.

To enable the McLaren P1 GTR to be used on the road, a number of key modifications are made as follows :-


There will be no bodywork modifications

Crash test certification from McLaren P1

Collapsible steering column certification from P1

Seats from the P1 – race seats optional if required.

‘E’ marked front screen and side windows – screen to remain heated.

Screen washers

Seat belts ‘E’ marked for certification.

Wing mirrors – cockpit adjustable and deformable fitted for inspection only.


The ECU is re-mapped to allow for pump grade fuel 98 octane from 102 octane. The ‘track only’ car can run a higher octane fuel which is not available at the pumps.

The exhaust retains the tail pipes but has a revised catalytic converter for road use and emissions .

Engine ECU changed from open type to closed type for McLaren security.

Additional heat shields

1000ps / 980 bhp unchanged.


New fuel tank with changed filler system and lockable filler cap


Revised brake pads

Hand brake fitment – cockpit switch, revised callipers and upright brackets

Software upgrade


The wheels are custom made centre lock replacement alloys that look exactly the same as the track car, but allow the fitment of either Pirelli Corsa Zero tyres or Pirelli Trofeo tyres.

Speed rated tyres – 217mph


Raised front ride height with electronic operation

Damper droop adjustment

Electronic adjustable front ride height


Left hand or Right hand headlights depending on destination

Reversing lights – ‘E’ marked

Fog lights – ‘E’ marked

Rear reflectors – ‘E’ marked

Screen washers pump



Locking doors

Thatcham 1 alarm system

Locking fuel cap



Road version P1 GTRs will be taken for IVA approval at the UK DVLA prior to being signed off. For Euro customers, the cars will be registered on the road in the UK.

The P1 GTR road version can be supplied with either a Euro VIN or Federal U.S. VIN. All road cars will be passed for road use in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The P1 GTR road version will be supplied with a flight case which will hold all the original parts taken off prior to the road conversion replacement parts having been installed – eg exhaust system, screen, wheels, cover set etc.

There will also be available as an extra cost option :-

  1. Full luggage
  2. Standard round steering wheel
  3. Electric windows
  4. Radio / stereo

Price upon request


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