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1971 Ferrari 365 GTC / 4 Spider conversion

Ferrari 365 GTC/4 #14657 is one of 4 Claudio Zampoli conversions that are reputed to be the best of their kind.   Unlike the Daytona spider conversion cars, there are only a very small number of C4 conversions in existence, and with the production number of all C4’s totaling a mere 500, the spider is ultra rare and desirable.  It has been advocated in Ferrari circles that the lines and form of the C4 spider are far more beautiful than that of the Daytona spider, and that Ferrari should have properly built these spiders as production models.  It is also a known fact that so few spiders exist since the cost and complexity of the conversion was staggering.  Accordingly, unlike in the case of Daytona conversions, the spider conversions typically command a higher price than the factory coupes.

The car, as a spider, is indeed absolutely stunning, and the attached pictures, which were taken recently by renowned automotive photographer Lucas Scarfone, albeit beautiful, do not do the car justice for how it appears in real life.  A complete restoration of the car has just been completed at the instance of Skip McCabe from Chicago, Illinois, who has produced a multitude of Pebble Beach winning cars, and represents the likes of Rob Walton.  McCabe stripped the car to bare metal, repainted it and completed a full sorting of the interior and comprehensivedetailing of the car proper. Upon importation to Canada, a full mechanical overhaul was completed by Steven Dizes, so the car presents as gorgeous, needs absolutely nothing, and is ready to drive and enjoy and show.  The car is a desirable Euro spec model, and comes with all books and tools and Massini Report.

Location: Canada

Price Upon Request


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